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All of the features of your computer are now at your disposal around the clock and regardless of your location!
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GKC ElectroSoft
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18 February 2013

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This is a software that helps manage computer resource remotely.

WebElf System helps manage computers remotely. Internet access is required. This tool can help you manage other electronic devices at home too. The computer in your home can be accessed from anywhere there is an Internet connection. It is possible to have complete remote control of the computer even through a tablet or a mobile handset. Webelf software will help manage the resources very easily and conveniently. Along with the control of other electronic devices in your home, a smartphone will give you complete access to the home resources. Whether you want to access the computer at home or at office, open the garage door or set the temperature in the pool your smartphone will let you do all that. The system consists of a software application on the computer. It also has a hardware component if you need to access the home electronics components.

The computer resident software helps manage Windows functions and the computer restart and shutdown. Whereas when you have the “Real House” device installed, you would be able to access smart electronics in the home, monitor their status and control corresponding parameters. Webelf System consists of Real House external hardware device connected to the USB port of computer and Webelf remote computer management software for Windows. The interface is simple and intuitive, it should be easy for just about any user to get productive with it very easily. This tool is multilingual and you can set the interface language. This is a very good and handy tool and gets the benefit of smartphones and the Internet.

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All of the features of your computer are now at your disposal around the clock and regardless of your location!
Having a mobile phone or tablet with access to the Internet at a hand, you can use full remote computer management via Webelf software!
Webelf provides web management not only for your computer, but also for any electronic devices. Do you want to control the security or an access to your office via your mobile phone? Do you want to open doors of your garage remotely?
Or regulate the temperature of the water in your pool? There is nothing easier as Webelf helps you with all that tasks.
The whole smart home is in you mobile!
Version 3.1
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